Monday, April 25, 2011

Hi everybody
     I'm Heidi and this is my very first blog post. I have been into art my whole life. I started with off with traditional forms of art like drawing and painting. But over the years I experimented with different things like photography and candle making and now I call myself more of a crafter than an artist, though the terms are probably interchangeable. 

How all the Hubbub got started:
     Last holiday season I was short on cash, but I needed to get presents for my family. So I thought I would make them. My mom always told me how handmade gifts were more special than store-bought goods, so I decided to roll with that thought. I started a month in advance and made my whole family gifts. The reactions I got were totally worth all the hard work. Everybody loved their gifts. They said I should make a business out of it, and I thought "yeah right". But then I thought about how fulfilling it was to create really unique items and how awesome the reactions were. So I picked crafting up as past time... who am i kidding it was and is an all-consuming obsession. At the time I was pregnant with my daughter Rocky and I was unsure how I was going to be able to go to work and raise a kid. Naturally crafting came up as a perfect-fit option. I could be doing what I love and stay at home with my daughter Raquel (we call her Rocky for short). So the crafting world is where I decided to build my home. I would like to take my readers along for the ride. So sit back and see what unfolds. 

                                       Rocky Sunbathing


  1. Hi Heidi
    Welcome to Blogland!I'll be back to see what goodies you come up with.

  2. Thanks for the support Lisa!

  3. Radness! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!