Sunday, December 22, 2013

Poinsettia Gift Bows and Glitter Everywhere


Merry Christmas Everyone!
I've been scrambling to wrap up the last of the Christmas presents. I found this awesome wrapping paper at target that looks like chalkboard art. Since it is mainly black I needed to add some color to liven up the packages. Instead of getting crappy bows at the dollar store I decided to add a crafty touch to each gift.

I headed over to and checked out what they had for Christmas. They have this super cute wintergreen set with poinsettias, holly, pine cones, and more. The price was right so I decided to use the poinsettias and holly leaves instead of bows.

I cut out everything on my ecraft cutter and decided to glitter everything up. WHAT A MESS! But it turned out pretty cool. If you do this I would definitely recommend using a box when using glitter.

After glittering the poinsettia I made fold down the middle of each of the petals. This gave the flowers some dimension.

It turned out great! One Christmas to-do checked off. 5 million more to go.

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Butterfly Wall Art

I got this really cool idea for wall art when you have a large area to cover with limited amounts of funds. I printed out tons of butterflies on a specialty translucent paper. I wanted to be able to re-position the butterflies without leaving any sticky crud on my walls. I found the perfect adhesive pads that were just the ticket.

I stuck 50 butterflies to my living room wall and folded up the wings. They looked awesome- very realistic. I fell in love, and so did everyone else who came over to visit. I don't think there was a singe person who didn't comment on the butterflies
 I got so many requests to make them for others that I decided to sell them in my shop. They're a hit, I've gotten a lot of thank yous from happy customers.

Just check out this lovely photo from one of my customers. This wall art was created using one set of 50 monarchs and one set of regular colorful butterflies. It turned out simply stunning.      

If you would like a set a butterflies a link to my Etsy shop is in the toolbar above. Happy New Year!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Flower Market Sign

Finally I actually fully finished a project. This one was inspired by a Farmers Market sign sign made by Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors. But I decided to take a little more of a French turn with it. 

First I primed the piece of lumber. Then I used some of Martha Steward's Weeping Willow Green Crackle Paint. Working with that stuff is a lot different than working with paint. It is this super thick paste that you have to smear on like butter. They recommend you use a pallet knife, which I didn't have so I used an old butter knife. The thicker you smear the paste the larger and more defined the cracks. I varied the thickness of the paste so I could get a nice mixture of fine small cracks and large pronounced cracks. I think it made a very cool effect.  I made sure to be extra sloppy around the edges to give it that aged look. 

For the text I went onto dafont and found some a romantic font totally for free... yay! Anyway I used my projector and outlined the text in white paint.

I decided to use real plants. I strung together some pots and tied them to a hook with twine. On the other side I installed a plant hanger and hung up some campanulas in an old copper tea kettle I found at the second hand store.

I have kind of fallen in love with the Romantic French cottage chic style. I live in a small hous out in the woods so I think it is a fitting style. Anyway have a happy weekend.                               

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Golden Star Wreath

Wow, tomorrow is Thanksgiving- it makes me sick how fast time goes by. I started an intense diet about a week ago (I know it isn't really good timing). So no mashed potatoes or  pumpkin pie for me... oh, it is sooooo tragic. I cut out carbs and sugar... well except fruit- I don't think it is right to count fruit as a carb. Anyway to get my mind off the tasty delights, I have been crafting. I decided to make a wreath, my first ever wreath. I really like the process I'll have to make some more.

 So I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off going to craft stores and the dollar store trying to find just the right materials to make my wreath. I got home late and couldn't wait to put it all together.

I cut up strips of sheet music and glued them to a wire frame. Then I painted some wooden stars gold with brown edges to give it a shabby chic look. I glued on the painted stars ans some glittery ornamental stars.

 I really thought it would look great to incorporate tea lights in the wreath that way the glitter would really sparkle. So I wrapped wire around some upcycled baby food jars and secured them to the wire frame. That way the jars could hold little tea lights.

I tied a ribbon around the top and spiraled it around the wreath, and BAM- Christmas wreath!

Now my advice I leave you with: if you want to watch your weight this holiday season, distract yourself with crafting. Have a happy Turkey Day!