Monday, May 30, 2011

Miniature House Tutorial

Hopefully everyone had a nice three day weekend. I for one did. I got to catch up on a lot of craft projects that have been sitting on the shelf. So I'll share one with you guys today. It's a really cute one. Why do we think miniature things are so damn adorable? Anyway here we go:

Foam Core Sheet
Card Stock (various colors)
Small Scissors

Scalloped Scissors

So first you want to cut a simple 2D house shape out of your foam core sheet (a square with a triangle on top). Then glue your shape back onto the foam core, and cut out your shape again. You will be doing this around 6 or 7 times until you get your desired house depth. It will look like this:        

Then take your colored card stock and cut out a strip long enough to reach all the way around your mini house and tall enough to reach the peak of the roof. Then wrap it around the house.

Glue down the card stock on the front face of the house. Don't glue the rest of the sides yet or it will be hard to work with. Now take your scissors and trim the lining of the house.

Now you can glue down all the sides.

Now it's time to make the roof. Measure both slants of the roof and add the measurements together and tack on a little extra (maybe 1/4" or so) to include the overhanging part of the roof. Measure front to back (also tacking on a little extra). Once you get your measurements cut out your roof. I'm going to use a pair of scalloped scissors to cut it out.

This is the roof I cut out.

Once your roof is cut out, place it atop the house and press down to form a curved crease.

Cut a small line in the middle of the crease and fold it so one side of the crease is overlapping the other. then glue the roof on. Glue the overhanging pieces down. And glue down the overlapping cut in the crease you just made.

You can glue on the bottom if you like. Just cut out a rectangle as big as needed and glue to the bottom.

Now you can cut out tiny embellishments out of card stock or paper. I made mine on photoshop using the ruler as a very helpful guide and printed them out. But if you don't want to hassle with that then you can just cut shapes out of your colored card stock. I highly recommend using small scissors because it is really hard to cut out such tiny things with big scissors. Glue on your doors, steps, windows, awnings, bushes, etc. And now you have your very own cute little house.

If you really want to get creative you can cut out a chimney. Or you can sculpt your doorstep and bushes out of polymer clay. Just sculpt bake and glue on. 




  1. Aww, this is so cute!
    I love making tiny things, and this looks easy enough to do it with kids, if we´d go for a bigger version.
    Thank you!

  2. How very sweet!
    It would be cute to fill a Christmas tree with lots of these little houses.
    :)Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very interesting. Will look good on the show case or hanging from a Christmas tree.
    Dropped in from craft o maniac
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  4. How very very sweet! You did a fantastic job!

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  6. This is precious...thanks for the how to :)

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  8. That is a very cute little house....

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  10. This would be a fun decorative piece for sure but when I saw it I thought how fun to work it into a centerpiece. Maybe a collection of them to make a fun grouping.
    Thanks for linking this up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful. I hope you will join me there again.

  11. That is so darn cute. That would be a darling Christmas ornament. Sweet.

    Have a great week!

  12. Heidi

    This is so very cute!


  13. Calling from homemaker on a dime. Loved your space! This idea is just cool...thanks for sharing. Now, 'am your newest follower...hope you will follow me back:)


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