Friday, May 13, 2011

Crafty Dreams

Dreams are important. They are kind of like fuel for the soul, and without them life just doesn't seem worthwhile. A really big dream I have going on right now is a craft studio. I live in an apartment where there is just no room for that kind of a thing. But one day I will have my own little craft cave. I have a pretty good idea about what I want it to look like. It's going to sound a bit outrageous, but I think it makes for a petri dish of creativity. Ok here goes:

So I would like my craft studio to have a lot of windows and be flooded with sunlight. There will be big trelous covered in ivy INSIDE my studio. I want rows and rows of apothecary jars holding various buttons, beads, and findings. Balls of yarn will dandle off of the ceiling. I want vintage pictures to hang on the walls. The floor will have white and yellow checkered tiles. I want Robin's Egg Blue walls except one of the walls, which should be a pink padded pillow wall that looks something like this picture I made.

Pretty much the place is going to slap you in the face with color. I want a whole bunch of clear plastic labeled drawers, so I can know what's inside, and a bookshelf (filled with craft books) covered in old chipped paint that reaches all the way to the ceiling. Hanging by the window would be a pair of sheer white curtains and a wind chime. Instead of a computer chair there would be a rocking chair. And there would be and old floor lamp with a sun hat for a lampshade. Actually I already have the rocking chair and the hatted lamp, so I can check those off my list. There would be lots of colored glass bottles to catch the sun rays, and small buckets hanging from the walls to put markers and pens in. there would be a big birdcage with lots of chubby little birds. Ah yes... one day.

So I searched around for some crafty studios and I ran across some pretty neat stuff. The pictures below are the best ones I found in different styles.

A country styled sewing studio by Allsorts

A vintage styled Studio by Boxwood Cottage.

A Cutesy Styled craft space on Everything Etsy.

A glam sewing studio by Heather Bailey.

And my most favorite one: The absolutely amazing somewhat outside Greenery styled painting studio found on Pinterest by Sex for Breakfast.

Happy Friday, Enjoy!

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