Sunday, December 22, 2013

Poinsettia Gift Bows and Glitter Everywhere


Merry Christmas Everyone!
I've been scrambling to wrap up the last of the Christmas presents. I found this awesome wrapping paper at target that looks like chalkboard art. Since it is mainly black I needed to add some color to liven up the packages. Instead of getting crappy bows at the dollar store I decided to add a crafty touch to each gift.

I headed over to and checked out what they had for Christmas. They have this super cute wintergreen set with poinsettias, holly, pine cones, and more. The price was right so I decided to use the poinsettias and holly leaves instead of bows.

I cut out everything on my ecraft cutter and decided to glitter everything up. WHAT A MESS! But it turned out pretty cool. If you do this I would definitely recommend using a box when using glitter.

After glittering the poinsettia I made fold down the middle of each of the petals. This gave the flowers some dimension.

It turned out great! One Christmas to-do checked off. 5 million more to go.

Happy Holidays!


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